Kiss of Death

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She thought she was living her best life, until Death knocked on her door.

Bunny Major has always been a workaholic. After suffering through various illnesses as a child, 52 year-old Bunny throws herself into her job as a triage nurse. She has a knack for healing, and thrives under the pressure of the busy emergency department at Stillwater General Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia.

She’s spent the past 30 years with no one but her 1957 Chevy Bel Air hearse, Morticia, and her goldfish RuPaul for company. It was all working out pretty well for her, too. Work a shift, eat a TV dinner, watch infomercials, doze. Wash and repeat. That is, until her mother died unexpectedly and her whole damn world went to Hell in a handbasket.

When Bunny keeps seeing a tall, dark, and mysterious stranger in the corner of her eye, she starts to think she’s losing it. A frenzied shift at the hospital pushes her right to the edge, and she’s forced into a new job as a night shift nurse in an aged care facility to get a little peace and quiet. But when furniture moves on its own and strange sounds go bump in the night, Bunny starts to think that the man she’s been glimpsing might be more than just a figment of her imagination.

And that’s when things get really interesting.

Turns out her mother left her with an otherworldly legacy that must be fulfilled, along with one burning question: does she want to be responsible for the future of humanity? Burdened with a cosmic side-hustle and thrust into a partnership that might just be the death of her, Bunny must choose between life, death, or the uncertain place in between.

Meet Joe Black meets Dead Like Me in this whimsical Paranormal Women’s Fiction novel about rediscovering yourself, letting go of the past, and embracing the unknown.

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