Witch Way to Salem

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Last Halloween she was as busy as a bat out of hell, but this year is about to drain the life out of her… literally.

Rosemary Bell should be on top of the world. Her Mosswood family has expanded by one step-son, her new business venture is up and running, and she’s just received a proposal… until the Council of Witches has something to say about it.

Rosie and Declan head to Salem, the witch capital of the world, to get the COW’s blessing for their engagement–but all is not as it seems. When an evil spell transports Rosie’s soul back in time, she’s confronted by a world that not only hunts witches, but hangs them too.

In a time fraught with danger, Rosie must find a way back to the present–and her vulnerable family. She will need to escape from the dangers of history and make her way back before time runs out–or risk not having a future at all.

The Crucible meets Back To The Future in this fang-tastic short novel about learning from the past, not being afraid of the future, and living each moment to its fullest.

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