Nice Day for a Witch Wedding

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She’s ready to say ‘I do’, and she’s saved the last dance for her king.

Rosemary Bell is marrying the love of her life–with mysterious guests and puppy shenanigans galore! Declan finally got to put a ring on it, but in typical Mosswood fashion a happy wife doesn’t necessarily mean a happy life.

A surprise honeymoon is on the cards, and Ireland is everything Rosie could have ever dreamed it would be. Exploring Declan’s family home sets the scene for uncovering more about her own ancestral roots, suggesting that all you need is love–romantic, or otherwise.

But when disaster strikes, the honeymoon’s over. The family must embark on a quest against the darkest of magics to protect one of their own, with outcomes none of them could have possibly predicted. From Mosswood to the sweeping green hills of Ireland, and over to the dramatic rocky western coastline of England, the gang race against time and a series of tests that might bring new meaning to ‘until death do us part’.

Only one thing is absolutely certain: it’s a nice day for a witch wedding.

Mamma Mia meets Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood in this novel about doing what’s right, finding your might, and showing up to fight for the ones you love most.

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