How the Witch Saved Christmas

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With her ghosts of Christmas past finally put to rest, this year she’s ready to sleigh it.

Rosemary Bell is living her best life. Her little family is content, business is booming, and she has her very own Christmas eve wedding to plan. Things are jingling all the way… until a knock on the door ruins any prospect of a silent night.

Calling in a binding magical favor, Santa has finally come to town–but his resting Grinch face isn’t bringing joy to anyone’s world. He proves to be the worst roomie imaginable, and Rosie is almost willing to grin and bear it, until he becomes a rebel without a Claus. It’s snow laughing matter, and the residents of Fox Cottage are definitely starting to feel more than a little Claus-trophobic.

Rosie might be pouting, but it’s St. Nick who better watch out. Will she find the magic she needs to step up and be the witch who saved Christmas?

The Grinch meets Bad Santa in this short novel about what’s really important, what really isn’t, and the true meaning of Christmas.

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