Gwen Lee and the Trident of Poseidon

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She wants that booty, and she’s not gonna stop until it’s hers.

Meet Gwen Lee: former antique dealer, current treasure hunter. She keeps in prime shape, moisturizes like hell, and better not hear anyone saying she looks a day over 45. She’s world renowned and her expeditions create one helluva stir on the black market. Because Gwen is all about dollars, and living the lifestyle to which she has become accustomed. 


When she learns that finding the Trident of Poseidon would make for one monster pay day, Gwen decides to pursue it. There’s just one little problem–no one knows if it’s even real.

Together with her sister Lainey, Gwen sets a course for Siren’s Bay, a small island in the middle of the Mediterranean. They set up base at a dodgy rent-a-cabin business on the beach, despite obvious interest in their operation from the owner Jack, a sexy Scottish beach bum.

It soon becomes apparent that the shark-infested turquoise waters of Siren’s bay hold a secret… or several.

Not only does Gwen discover the Trident is breathtakingly real, she’s not the only one trying to get it. She finds herself caught between Jack and Maris, the polished Italian who runs the local Visitor Center. Both men are determined, hot as hell, and willing to broker deals with her. But Gwen isn’t sure who she can trust in her quest for the Trident. Maybe she can’t even trust herself.

Tomb Raider meets Indiana Jones and James Bond in this thrilling new Paranormal Women’s Fiction adventure series with a feisty take-no-prisoners heroine, a cursed pirate, a merman, and a kraken.

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